About Harry Harper

Harry was employed at Holby City's Accident and Emergency department from June 2002 to March 2008, except for a sixth month break in 2007. During his time he had several roles in the department and the local community: Consultant, Clinical Director, Consultant Manager and MP for Holby City

Appearing on a series with such a large cast some characters don't appear in every episode. This didn't happen very often, Harry starred in almost every episode from his first arrival in episode 16x37 right through to his departure in episode 22x28. Out of a possible 241 episodes, Harry appeared in 233 missing only 7 episodes, this total includes the Holby @ Casualty and the DoNation specials. The episodes where Harry was written out when he became an MP are not counted

Harry was an integral part of the team. Sometimes he was a bit hard on the team as their 'boss' but he was always there with a shoulder to cry on when support was needed. He always tried to defend the team against management decisions even if he didn't do it in front of them. He was also never short of champange/money when celebrations were required as he always seemed to pay the bill

When Harry first appears he seems very relaxed and is rather playful with the staff. Very early into his time on Casualty his wife, Beth, dies in a car accident during their daughters driving lesson. Harry blames himself for the accident as he should have been the one giving the lesson, but he was having a romantic meal with another doctor. His wife's death changes the character as he deals with the grief and problems of looking after his 5 children, at the start of series 18 we learn he has been suffering with depression and has been prescribed anti-depressants to deal with it.

Following a train crash which kills one of his close friends Harry discusses coming off the medication with his doctor as he considers is an 'emotional crutch', instead of coming off the tables slowly he stops taking them completely which leads to him suffering from withdrawal symptoms. He then decides to self-prescribe the medication by forging Lara Stone's signature. This leads him into further trouble as Simon finds out and decides to blackmail Harry into getting what he wants. Lara soon figures out what both Simon and Harry have been up to and convinces Harry to go back on the medication officially by admitting to his doctor he can't cope without it.

The relationship between Harry and Lara takes a turn when he miss understands a 'kiss' and confesses his love for her. Lara turns him down which leads to tension between the two which escalates as series 18 progresses. During a team building exercise Harry, Lara and Simon get trapped in a cave, which leads to Simon being possibly paralysed. Simon recovers quickly, with Lara's support which leads to them falling in love. As well as dealing with Lara and Simon, Harry also has to deal with the problems his eldest daughter is going through, she was dumped by Simon - a relationship which Harry was never happy with, then coping with Simon and Lara being together. This along with the grief of her mothers death she takes an overdose. The attempt fails but leads to Harry and Tally resolving their problems and dealing with Beth's death together.

Towards the end of the series it's Lara's turn to blackmail Harry into letting Simon back to work after finding out he's been taking drugs to cope with his spinal injury. This leads to further antagonism between the three, the series ends with Lara calling on Harry to take her to the airport after leaving Simon shortly before their wedding as he had cheated on her and was still taking drugs

Series 19 is more of a supportive role for Harry without a major story line until towards the end of the series. During the series Harry helped: Guppy in his medical training, the team during Fin's disappearance/death, Jim when he was struck off in America, the team through Jim's death, Comfort during her miscarriage, Tess through Mike's injury and Sam's illness, Bex through her rape ordeal and torment from Pete, Maggie through her exams and eventually her father's dementia and Selena through her split with Will, her stabbing and following MRSA infection

Towards the end of series 19 . . . coming soon