Facts on Harry Harper

The tie seen in the picture above was worn by Harry on his very first and very last episodes. This was a delibertate choice by Simon when he spotted the tie nearing the end of his time on Casualty. Simon kept the tie after leaving.

Harry is scared of heights as mentioned in episodes 'Emotional Rescue' and 'Fathers, Mothers, Daughters, Brothers', tho he is still trained to abseil and treat people at height when required

He was afraid of the dark/sleeping in the dark as a child. He mentions this to Anna when discussing death, shortly before she dies

Harry has 5 children: Tally, Jordan, Kizzy, Ollie and Daisy. He turned up on his first day with Daisy and Jordan in tow

Simon's first line in Casualty was 'Children are not problems'

Harry's wife Beth was killed in a car accident when teaching their daughter Tally how to drive. Harry should have been with Tally that day instead of Beth, but was having a romantic meal with Selena Donvan at the time

On his days off Harry seems to find himself involved in emergencies: Parachute accident which leads to a helicopter crash when at a fair with his children and finding a boat of illegal immigrants when out sailing with his wife. The latter lead to the conversation between Charlie and Duffy: 'What happened?', 'Harry's had a day off, that's what's happened'.

Harry is tee-total